We were doing online education before it was cool (or required.)  My “Influence, Change, & Politics in the Organization” graduate course for the University of Illinois, School of Labor and Employment Relations wrapped up in May.  This course is a continuation of the School’s effort to expand its audience by offering high-quality coursework in an online environment. I love learning with these bright kids and not-so kids.

One of the topics we always discuss is the student’s position in their organization… how much power they have, how much influence they have… and how to increase those levels. The truth is that you can never have enough. Business cycles are inevitable and I often find acquaintances and colleagues being blind-sided by layoffs. So it is probably a good time for me to remind you again to keep cultivating your networks. The time to work on your network is when you are employed. When you are unemployed, it is too late.

And please remember, your internal network is important for your day-to-day growth and advancement, but it is your external network that provides support when your job falls apart.

But hey… you probably came here to talk business. I’d be delighted to talk with you about any Performance Improvement, Human Capital Development or Strategy Development needs that you might have. Oh, and if “Pretty Good” doesn’t sound “good enough” for you, please don’t forget that we offer a performance guarantee on all our contracts. I’m operating out of Tucson, Arizona. Email is the easiest way to get a hold of me.  Schultz7900 at  gmail.com will do just fine.



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