Code of Ethics

Statement of Expectations: The Code of Ethics and the Standards of Performance Technology are intended to promote ethical practices in the profession of performance improvement.

1. Add Value Principle.
Strive to conduct yourself, and manage your projects and their results, in ways that add value for your clients, their customers, and the global environment.

2. Validated Practice Principle.
Make use of and promote validated practices in performance technology strategies in keeping with the Standards of Performance Technology.

3. Collaboration Principle.
Work collaboratively with clients and users, functioning as a trustworthy strategic partner.

4. Continuous Improvement Principle.
Continually improve your proficiency in the field of performance technology.

5. Integrity Principle.
Be honest and truthful in your representations to clients, colleagues, and others with whom you may come in contact with while practicing performance technology.

6. Uphold Confidentiality Principle.
Maintain client confidentiality, not allowing for any conflict of interest that would benefit you or others.