Pretty Good Offerings

Pretty Good Class Offerings

  •  Hiring & Selection Systems
  •  Orientation & On-Boarding
  •  Behavioral Interviewing
  •  Training & Development
  •  Talent Management
  •  Emerging Leadership Development
  •  H.R. Strategy Development
  •  Human Resource Return On Investment Analysis
  •  Human Capital Metrics
  •  Communication Skills
  •  Business Acumen for H.R. Professionals
  •  Change Management
  •  Strategic Workforce Planning
  •  Progressive Discipline & Termination
  •  Harassment Elimination
  •  Nurturing Innovation in the Workplace
  •  “Good to Great” to Pretty Good at Walgreens

Not sure what you need? Then how about a Custom Designed Intervention?
Do you have a sense that something is wrong or not functioning as well as it was designed to do?

Let us conduct a needs assessment and then design/develop an appropriate intervention for you.
We come in solution agnostic. We promise not to try to sell you a hammer when what you need is a drill.